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Your OX Drive Promo Code for free driving with Tesla

Use OX Drive promo code CMAM4D and get 4.40 EUR (approx. 10 minutes) for your first ride with Tesla Model 3 on the Tesla Carsharing app. Experience the power of electric cars and move around the city in an environmentally friendly way!

How to use your OX Drive promo code?

It's super simple to apply this promo code on your OX Drive app. When you have signed up on the app, open the promotions tab, which you will find in the app's menu section, and enter your promo code CMAM4D.
That's it! The promo code has been applied and now your first 10 minutes of driving with Tesla, from the OX Drive app in Latvia, will be free of charge!

How to apply OX Drive promo code

What is OX Drive?

OX Drive Tesla Carsharing app is made to make you experience what the future feels like, today! Thanks to the app, you can rent and drive with Tesla Model 3. The best thing is, you choose how long you want to have it, starting from a couple of minutes to a few days.
Want it to have for a month or more? No problem! OX Drive gives you a chance to rent Tesla for more than a month!

How to drive Tesla using OX Drive?

The team from OX Drive Tesla Carsharing app has made a video to show how to use OX Drive app and a Tesla Model 3 car.
We suggest you take a look at this video if you are not sure how something works.
Better safe than sorry!

Ready to drive?

OX Drive Tesla Carsharing app

If you still don't have it, download OX Drive Tesla Carsharing app on your phone, apply your special promo code CMAM4D and go for your first ride with Tesla Model 3!

Tesla Carsharing app in Riga - OX Drive

Have more questions?

In case you want to know more about the OX Drive app and the service it provides. Head to the official site of the OX Drive and you will find information related to pricing, car pick-up and drop-off zones, and also contact information for the official team of the OX Drive team!

Find out more about Tesla Carsharing service in Riga

Watch this video and learn how to drive Tesla using OX Drive